While each project is unique, we've identified areas where your focus will reap the biggest rewards. We help you make it easy


Think of us as an incubator for micro or single-person businesses

MicroHive co is aimed at micro-enterprise development. Modern technology allows a single creative individual to turn their talent or product into a thriving business, but the challenge is to bridge the space between concept and reality.

This is THE GAP.

The gap between what you have to offer, and the marketplace. We're here to fill that gap. We take you from wherever you are, and show you where to place your focus to get the best results. We're here for all the steps, from conceptualisation and finding your niche, to creating a content ecosystem and capturing attention, and finally, on to the final stage - landing the sale.

The best part?

We empower you to learn to do it yourself. Each step is transparent, so by the end you won't even need us anymore. We show you all the tools and tips to do it yourself, but also hold your hand as much as you need us to. We also draw on a network of experts in our hive to give you what you need.



When we want to grow our online presence, we often think in terms of marketing. The problem is, so is everyone else. You have billions of marketing dollars fighting with each other to get to the top of your feed. But do you know what else makes it to the top of your feed? Random strangers on TikTok speaking sincerely from their living room.

Isn’t that interesting?

Without them spending a cent on marketing, you still see their content. It makes you realise that we have entered the age of sincerity, where a sincere plea recorded by an amateur has better reach than sleekly produced videos with corporate money behind them.

This upends our idea of marketing. Instead of learning all the marketing gimmicks from online gurus, focus on finding your unique angle, your core, in the same way that performing artists like actors and comedians do. Make your content come from that space. That is what will make you attractive, and that is also what will set you apart. It can’t be copied!

People will be attracted to what makes you unique, so don’t jeopardize that with cookie-cutter solutions.



Attention is a resource. We spend all this time crafting content, put it out there and drum up engagement, but then what? Do we allow it to dissipate, or, do we capture it?

Content should always be self-referential, creating a content ecosystem that captures attention. When someone engages with what you put out there, you have one of their most valuable resources for that moment, their attention. So what are you going to do with it? Your content should always refer to your other content. Add links to your articles on your website with more info, or links to your other videos on related content. We’re not talking about funnelling people into sales, we’re talking about bringing them into your content ecosystem to maximise their relationship with you. Giving you more time to add value to their lives and build trust, greatly increasing the chance that they’ll be back.



One common pain point we see already happens during the conceptualisation phase, and because every phase builds on the foundation of the previous, this mistake can be fatal.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what we want to offer people, that we can easily forget that people don’t care about us, yet. They care about their own needs. If you want them to care about what you’re doing, you have to phrase it in terms of their needs. If the way you present your offering doesn’t hook into their needs or desires in some way, they’re unlikely to continue to engage with it.

The key becomes identifying what needs you’re filling, and shaping your presentation AND your offering according to that.

For example: Beer has many selling points, and yet if you walk around in a hot area the signs will only mention one, COLD beer. They could have chosen any number of adjectives. If they were selling beer at a craft market, the sign would have said ‘small batch beer’, because that’s what people want to hear in that context. Same product, but different presentation according to the needs.



You ARE the business. When you’re a single person or micro- enterprise, this statement seems obvious, but it’s deeper than we think. If you have a bad day, your business has a bad day. If you procrastinate, nothing progresses. The buck stops with you.

This can be an intimidating realisation, so it becomes incredibly important to design realistic systems for yourself to reach your goals. Be practical. If you need to take small steps in the beginning to build momentum, do that without guilt. Find someone to be accountable to.

Managing a micro-enterprise means designing systems that can absorb failure, because we aren’t perfect, and there’s no one to take over from us when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Designing systems to manage this personal balance is just as important as any other part of your business.


Annette Venter
- Co-founder of Down to Earth

What started as just another idea grew to a full-fledged business through Axl from MicroHive co's guidance! From packing boxes in our living room to having a warehouse with full-time employees. It was a wild ride, and there is limited time in a day, but luckily we knew exactly where to spend our time to get the best results. Through it all we never had to resort to tricks or compromise our values. We built real and lasting connections with our community and made a profit.

About: Down to Earth is a plastic-free grocery delivery service that connects local farmers and artisans to clients.

Axl (from MicroHive co) is a wonderful and inspired entrepreneurial mentor. He has a really bright and caring heart and is an insightful visionary. Like an attentive and devoted parent, he appreciates and nurtures my innate talents and gifts, and guides me by highlighting the strategies that are in alignment with my deepest calling, so that I may fulfill my truest potential in service.

About: Vinay has a Chinese medical practice and creates unique tinctures to boost mood and uplift.

Vinay Jagjivan
- Chinese Medical Practitioner and Herbalist
Jacobus Venter
- Scholar, Astrologer and Online Personality

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About: Kavi is a prominent Tropical Vedic astrologer with clients across the world.

Christo Visser
- Vice-Chairman of Food for Life - Stellenbosch

MicroHive co's team played an invaluable role in conceptualising, creating, running and promoting our sustainability courses through Stellenbosch University. With MicroHive co's exceptional team and network, we were always able to get the knowledge we required, and we would definitely recommend working with them.

About: Food for Life - Stellenbosch is a non-profit that focusses on sustainability education.