MicroHive co is about facilitation. Facilitation isn't about creating something new, it's about taking what's already there and helping it. The Latin root, 'facilis', means easy. To make something easy - that's what we do. You've already been thinking. You've already been planning. You have a lot of it figured out already, but the parts you don't are often the challenging parts.

Allow us to take those challenging parts, and make them easy. We've seen it all. Every project is unique, but even unique things follow patterns. We've checked it out and laid it out. You could do it all alone, or we could make it a little bit easier for you.

What makes us different from business coaches? Our team has personal experience launching, running and growing businesses and non-profits, so we've been through it ourselves. We also have a whole network of experts in our hive to give us insight into your specific niche.