How easy is it to start a business?

Easier - and cheaper - than you think

1 min read

Gone are the days when you needed to gather investors. What was all that money for? Renting a store space, branding, logistics, employees, accounting, marketing. Every single one of those things can now be done at home by a single person - you.

Your shopfront is on social media, where customers can browse what you have and get to know your brand. You can hire a professional designer from Fiverr for a few dollars, or even do it yourself with Canva or AI tools. Marketing can be done from any device, and experts across the internet are offering free courses on how to do it. Accounting can be done with simple software

All of this means you can start a business from your own home with minimal to no startup costs. Even better, you can iterate safely with no financial pressure from a loan hanging over you while you find your feet. This low-pressure style means you can experiment until you find your niche, providing a level of agility that really gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The limiting factor is no longer resources, but characteristics like determination and intuition. In this new world, resources give less of an advantage than they used to, and intangible things like creativity and love for what you do retake their place as the heart of a business.

It takes a mindset shift, but if you start looking at the world in this way there are opportunities everywhere. Small local niches to fill, underserved global niches to target, the sky's the limit. Wherever there are big, bloated, inefficient solutions to a problem, an opportunity opens up for someone agile.

If you learn to use these digital tools to your advantage and combine that with your unique ideas or insight, then we start to see alchemy. There is literally nothing stopping you. Set out a few hours every week to start playing around and see what happens.

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