Get noticed

By cultivating sincerity

1 min read

Because we tend to be in the world as it changes, we often don’t realise how much things have shifted. However, if we pause and take a look around it quickly becomes apparent.

Just two decades ago, the media messaging and marketing you saw was inevitably because of money. Money was paid to create it, money was paid to polish it, and then money was paid to put it out there. This was the way of the world for a long time.

Looking around now, though, it seems the world has become quite different. Low-to-no-budget videos of people sitting in their living rooms and speaking to their cellphones are are often getting much more traction than sleekly designed promotional videos, and it’s difficult to overstate how significant this change is.

This changes the entire game. While it is true that money can still provide good marketing, it’s also true that it has become very possible to get noticed without spending money. How, you may ask? The answer is simple, sincerity.

In a world where so many things are fake, people are craving sincerity. They resonate with it, and they feel nourished by it. While a big brand like Coke can’t really be sincere, a single individual running a small business they really care about can. This provides a whole new realm of possibilities.

So, how do we take advantage of this? We cultivate our sincerity. We do inner work to find our core. Why are we doing this? What do we want to share with the world? These questions force us to find our core, much as a performing artist might want to find theirs to be able to captivate their audience.

Are you awkward? Great, use that. People are tired of just seeing confident people anyway. Are you silly or quirky? Make that part of your brand. There is just one rule: don’t force it. It you enjoy it, they will.

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