Attention is a resource

Capture it - never let it go to waste

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a shadow holding a flower in their hand
a shadow holding a flower in their hand

What is the point of making content? Are we trying to sell a product? Are we trying to look cool? A strong no to both of these, what we’re doing is capturing attention.

You might have noticed that we are transitioning to an attention economy, where everyone is fighting to capture attention for their brand or cause. Almost everyone is constantly moving through a digital landscape where EVERYTHING is trying to catch their attention. This is why it’s so important to know what to do with attention when you get it.

Attention is your business’ most valuable resource. It leads to trust, it leads to a relationship, and it eventually leads to sales. Without attention, it doesn’t matter how good your business or product is. Something that doesn’t get noticed will never be successful.

So, keeping this in mind, what do we do with attention when we have it? Well, as mentioned at the start, we catch as much of it as we can. We do this by making our content self-referential. Each piece of content you put out should be part of a planned content ecosystem with specific goals.

First, you need to decide what that goal is. Do you want them to trust you as a source of legitimate information? Do you want them to associate you with fun times? Do you want them to build a relationship with you specifically so that they want to say more? When you have an idea of what you want to achieve, you can start building your content ecosystem around that. Each piece of this content should then refer to another piece in the same ecosystem.

If they’re watching your video, point them towards your blog article, which points them towards your community page, which itself again has many links out to your other videos and articles. In this way, you ensure that people who like what you’re putting out are getting as much value as possible added to their lives and spending as much time as possible building a relationship with your business.

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